‘Know Your Customer’: The Golden Rule


Make better business decisions with real-time customer-centric intelligence including frequency and recency


Measure and ManageUntil now, most management data shows the results of customer behavior, but not the motivation or reasons behind it.  It’s data without a story – and you need that story in order to truly understand your customers. Armed with this understanding, you can create effective marketing, sales and product development strategies that engage your customers.

Customer centric intelligence gives the whole story – and you make better business decisions as a result.

Breakthrough Visitor Frequency Analysis

Research by Harvard University has shown that businesses increased their profits by 25 to 125 per cent when their customers’ repeat visits increased by just 5 per cent. To grow your repeat business numbers, you need enabling information – data that helps you interpret how your marketing mix is affecting your visitor frequency stats.

Locality provides you with the tools to capture key data, enabling you and your team to interpret visitor frequency patterns in real time. You’ll make quick, effective adjustments that will help you achieve your visitor loyalty objectives.

Dwell Time Visibility

Traditional visitor counting systems provide no insight into visit duration. Locality provides insights into bounce or short duration visits, average daily visit duration, along with related trending helping you understand and optimize how visitors are interacting with your venue.

Campaign AnalysisBring the Data

While it’s a given that the immediate impact of advertising, social media and event based campaigns requires careful measurement – the longer term impact of these investments is just as critical.  With its precision data analytics,  Locality provides insight into how your marketing investment is performing in terms of increased interaction over time.

Path Visualization

As competition encroaches from the online world, today’s venue operators and merchants realize that a compelling venue experience is more important than ever.  Locality provides a clear understanding of visitor flow through your venue, allowing you to maximize visitor engagement.