Getting the Big Picture


GraphTo compete effectively, today’s real world businesses need the Big Picture on visitor experience.




Many businesses have experience with traditional counting approaches, both manual and automated.  While limited, and in some cases, unreliable, they form the basis of conversion analysis.  Conversion, or the percentage of visitors who actually buy something, is considered by many experts to be one of the most important metrics in retail.  Locality enables information on frequency, recency and visit duration to become part of the big picture on conversion analysis, allowing you, your management teams and your venues to achieve more.


Dwell Time

The operations teams in charge of leading web properties are extremely adept at using dwell time and flow analysis of visitors to their sites to provide an optimized experience that effectively enables follow-through from arrival to purchase.   Until now, real world businesses have lacked the tools to do the same thing with their properties.  By providing a comprehensive understanding of zone dwell, average dwell time trending and trending associated with total visitor minutes, Locality enables real world marketers to compete more effectively.



Loyalty is crucial to nearly all businesses.  While a wide variety of loyalty programs exist, they are often expensive and prove challenging to quantify their true effectiveness.  Locality enables an up-to-the-minute picture of the loyalty of your current visitors, enabling you and your team to understand how your investments are paying off in terms of recency and longer term frequency trending.


Visitor Arrival

Thanks to the Internet, potential customers are substantially more educated.   Visitor experience has never been more important.  Staffing is often the key aspect of delivering the experience that leads to a win-win relationship.   While sophisticated staffing systems exist, many operate based on point-of-sale information which may lead to missed opportunities.  Locality enables real time understanding of customer arrival time (vs. purchase time) and variations in dwell time by zone, so you can have the right staff in place at the right time.