Optimize Operations



Measure the impact of your marketing approach, layout and staffing – then make quick, precise course corrections


Metrics turn data into intelligence – information your company can work with to gain clarity into what’s working and why.  Locality provides you with solid, real world metrics based on your organization’s visitor base, helping you understand the impact of your marketing, layout and other choices. With Locality intelligence, you can concentrate on operational efficiencies to help your business work smarter, not harder – increasing efficiency, reducing costs and streamlining processes.


Locality provides you and your marketing team with information on visitor behavior including frequency, visit duration, and return profile to deeply assess the success of each of your marketing campaigns.

For most businesses, marketing is a key expense.  Radio, television, print, web, event, contest, social media… the list of ways to allocate your marketing budget is long and getting longer.  Successful Philadelphia retailer John Wannamaker once said, “I know that half of my advertising is wasted. I just don’t know which half.” Locality helps you and your marketing team choose the ‘right half’ with accurate information on visitor behavior, including frequency, visit duration and return profile – so you can identify the key factors that led to success in each of your marketing campaigns.



Proper staffing is challenging.  Obviously, you want to staff to ensure the optimal combination of conversion and customer satisfaction.  Staffing approaches based on historical sales transaction data often miss the mark.

Locality tracks the number of minutes visitors spend at your location, enabling correlation of those minutes to sales conversions. With Locality data, you’ll gain valuable insight into the right staffing levels to provide the optimal customer service experience.




store_layout1Venue Layout

From floor layout to front entrance and window displays, the opportunities to adjust how visitors interact with your venue are vast.  The key is being able to move beyond “feel” to quantify the experience your venue is delivering.

Locality lets you understand trends in Bounce Rate, Visit Duration, and Visitor Flow so you can ensure your venue is operating at peak effectiveness.