Mall Traffic
Locality Systems delivers breakthrough visitor analytics solutions for venue operators, retail merchants and real estate service providers.

Our patent pending VIA platform is a comprehensive hardware and cloud-based software system for understanding visitor behavior, marketing effectiveness and loyalty trending which enable enhanced operational effectiveness and revenue growth for the real estate industry and its merchant partners.

VIA shifts “best guess” to quantitative management ensuring a strong ROI for all stakeholders.

Our Mission

Our mission to enable merchants, real estate owners and venue operators to better understand and improve the service they deliver to their customers.  In a world where mobile devices have become a pervasive part of how people communicate, navigate, and shop, we seek to ensure delivery of a superior client experience.

Why Locality

We are experts in wireless and information systems, focused on turning data into insight your business can use.   Our objective is to provide your organization with superior insight about the life blood of your business, traffic in the door.  Using our background in wireless and mobile technology, we strive to provide you and your team with a superior understanding of how visitors are interacting with your location or locations, enabling you to deliver a superior visitor experience.

Locality’s Executive Team

The executive team of Locality Systems, Inc. is responsible for the corporate vision and overall governance of the Company.  With a combined 60+ years of experience in all facets of wireless, telecommunications, finance, regulatory, sales and research and development, this team guides and monitors the business operation and technical advancement of Locality solutions and patents to ensure maximum value for all stakeholders.

An Inpixon Company

Locality Systems is an Inpixon company. Inpixon (Nasdaq: INPX) is a leader in Indoor Positioning Analytics (IPA).  Inpixon’s award-winning IPA Platform uses radio frequency sensors to anonymously locate all wireless devices — phones, smartwatches, tablets, IoT devices and more. Artificial intelligence-powered data analytics reveal actionable intelligence for uses in security, safety, marketing, sales and customer service.